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Model name: High-speed Modular Mounter, FX-3

Placement speed (chip):

  • Optimum = 0.049Sec./chip (74,000CPH)
  • IPC9850 = 60,000 CPH

Component size: 0402(01005) □33.5mm (or diagonal length up to 47mm)

Placement accuracy: ±0.05 mm Cpk1)

Feeder inputs: Max. 120 on 8mm T/F

Board size: 410×360 mmmax50×50mmmin

Mass (approximately): 3,280 kg

Machine Dimensions:

  • Width    2,650 mm
  • Depth    1,650 mm
  • Height   1,530 mm

Used Juki FX-3 High SpeedModular Mounter (SOLD Awaiting Pickup)

  • Pulled from a working production line that was shut down.

    Countless nozzles included.

    Serial # Sticker was removed when purchased.

    Feeder Cart and Mulitple Feeders included.

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