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PLC-INTERFACE, consisting of  basic terminal block and plug-in miniature relay with power contact, for mounting on DIN rail, 1 SPDT changeover contact, input voltage 24 VDC.

Product typeRelay Module
Product familyPLC-INTERFACE
Operating mode100% operating factor
Mechanical service life20 Million cycles
Max Power Dissipation0.22 W
Test voltage (Winding/contact)4 kV AC (50 Hz, 1 min., winding/contact)
Input Data: 
Nominal Input Voltage24 V DC
Input Voltage Range18.5 V DC ... 33.6 V DC (20 °C)
Drive and FunctionMonostable
Drive (polarity)Polarized
Typical Input Current9 mA
Typical Response Time5 ms
Typical Release Time8 ms
Protective CircuitReverse polarity protection; Diode
Surge protection; Freewheeling diode
Ouput Data 
Contact type1 changeover contact
Type of switch contactSingle contact
Type of contactPower contact
Maximum switching voltage250 V AC/DC
Minimum switching voltage5 V (100 mA)
Limiting continuous current0.25
Maximum inrush current10 A (4 s)
Min. switching current10 mA (12 V)
Interrupting rating (ohmic load) max.140 W (at 24 V DC)
20 W (at 48 V DC)
18 W (at 60 V DC)
23 W (at 110 V DC)
40 W (at 220 V DC)
1500 VA (for 250 V AC)
Switching capacity2 A (at 24 V, DC13)
0.2 A (at 110 V, DC13)
0.1 A (at 220 V, DC13)
3 A (at 24 V, AC15)
3 A (at 120 V, AC15)
3 A (at 230 V, AC15)

CP-1026, Relay Terminal Block, 24VDC, SPDT, with 6 Amp Relay Cube

SKU: CP-1026
  • 2900299, ASI328003, PLC-BPT-24DC/21, X766842-AUSI, ASI328002-AUSI

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