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Rotary brushless AC servo motor

Center-tapped keyed shaft
Built-in brake (24V)
Built-in absolute encoder (20-bit)

Supply voltage (AC): 200Vac

Supply voltage (DC):  24Vdc (for brake release)

Rated current: 0.84A nominal (2.9A instantaneous max. current)

Rated active power (kW): 100W

Rotational speed: 3000rpm rated speed, 6000rpm max. speed

Torque: 0.318Nm, 0.413Nm/A (RMS) torque constant

**Located in Europe Warehouse.  Transit time to USA could be 2-4 Weeks**

CP-1102, 100W Servo Motor & Brake, SGMJV-01A3M6C

SKU: CP-1102
  • SGMJV-01A3M6C

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