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Manufacturer's Part Number: MFM2Q-55I

Date of Manufacture: August, 2021

Serial Number: 24054

 - 55 Inch Footprint
 - Double Queue
 - 10"W x 12"L or Smaller PCB's
 - Unloads PCB's from magazine to next machine.
 - One magazine in process; (2) full magazines queued waiting to be unloaded, and stores (2) unloaded (Empty Magazines).
 - Mechanical pusher pushes PCB's from magazine onto conveyor of next machine.
 - Totally enclosed for safety
 - Top and bottom magazine clamps
 - Brake motor Z axis elevator
 - Magazine Type: NK-8500 or Equivalent
 - Magazine Sequence:
    - Full Magazines on Bottom 
    - Empty Magazines on Top
 - PCB Unloading Sequence:
    - PCB's are Unloading from Top Slot Down
 - PLC controls with SMEMA cables
 - Auto/Manual/Pitch selector switches on control panel
 - Board Edge Clearance = 3mm
 - PCB Size Range
   Min: 2"W X 4"L
   Max: 10"W X 12"L
 - Line Height: 37.5" +/- 2"

UI-CTI-24054, Barely Used - MFM2Q-55I

SKU: UI-CTI-24054
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