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25 PCB Capacity Buffer

PCB Size:

50-460mm Wide X 50-520mm Long (2"-18.1" X 2"-20.5")

Controls: PLC

Operator Interface: Touchscreen HMI

Power: 110VAC, 20A Drop

Weight: 573lb (260kg)

Product Dimensions:  24"W x 35.6"D x 49.2"H (610mm x 904mm x 1250mm)

Multi Function Use:

  • FIFO
  • LIFO
  • Passthru
  • Cooling
  • Pass/Fail (Good/NG)

Robust and stable design.

Transfer with durable roller (less need to replace the belt). 

Small machine footprint. 

Fast, Smooth and Accurate Retrieval Positions. 

Parallel and smooth width adjustment (lead screw). 

Compatible SMEMA interface.



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