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Automatic SMT Flip/Inverter

PCB Size: 50-550mm Long X 50-460mm Wide (2"-21.65" X 2"-18.1")

Controls: PLC

Operator Interface: Touchscreen HMI

Power: 110VAC, 20A Drop

Weight: 190kg (419lb)

Product Dimensions: 23.62"W X 33.7"D X 47.25"T  (600mm X 856mm X 1200mm)

Designed to invert PCBs (180⁰) for "double-sided" process. 

Enclosed design with built-in torque limiter ensures highest level of safety. 

Top cover can be opened for easy access to hardware during maintenance. 

Parallel and smooth width adjustment (lead screw). 

Minimal transmission clearance between conveyor. 

Compatible SMEMA interface.

AB-INV1, PCB Flip Conveyor

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