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Our seemless 1/4" (6mm) NBR Rubber belts are ESD safe, abrasive resistant, precise and customizable to fit any SMT Conveyor or SMT equipment with 1/4" or 6mm belt widths. The fine structure green polyamide surface ensures constant gentle and positive grip. Each belt is strain tested after fusion to ensure a high quality, long lasting belt that will transport PCBs for longer.

CP-1002, 1/4" (6mm) Green Belt For SMT Transport, 22" - 71.5"

  • Precise Measurements: 1/4" +- 0.005" (6.3mm +- 0.1mm) Wide, 0.05" (1.2mm) Thick, Various Lengths

    Durable Construction: Green NBR rubber with polyamide traction surface, Black Hamid pulley surface

    Smooth Operation: Designed for seamless movement, promoting efficiency in transport systems

    Application Characteristics: Slider Bed Suitable, Carrying Roller Suitable, Permenantly Antistatic

    Pulley Data:

    Pulley Diameter (minimum): 20mm (0.8 in.)

    Pulley Diameter Minimum with Counter Flection: 20mm

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